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Warning Signs of Loneliness in Aging Adults


Factors like loved ones moving away, losing a spouse, and losing the ability to drive can make it difficult for seniors to maintain relationships. Feelings of loneliness and social isolation pose health risks to seniors and can increase the risk of depression. Hence, looking for clues when a senior loved one feels lonely is important.

As an agency specializing in senior assistance in Florida, we will discuss the warning signs of loneliness in older adults:

  • Increased buying habits.

    Has your senior parent or loved one started buying more material goods than usual? Lonely seniors tend to increase their spending habits. This typically compensates for a lack of social connections or alleviates boredom.

  • Restless sleep.

    If your senior loved one is complaining of being more tired than usual or having recurring incidents of poor sleep, ask them how they spend their day. Lack of companionship and loneliness can cause fragmented sleep.

  • Changes in appetite.

    While a change in appetite is normal as we age, lack of appetite or excessive eating may be caused by feelings of loneliness. A home care services provider can help meet your senior loved one’s dietary needs.

  • Increased amount of time spent at home.

    This may be due to mobility issues or the loss of driving ability. If your loved one is spending more time at home without the company of family or friends, take it as a warning sign.

Art of Caring Home Care Services, Inc. provides high-quality in-home care services in Sebring, Florida. To prevent loneliness, we offer companion services. Reach out to us to learn more.


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